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Keinton Mandeville

sculpture 10 - Remember ...


This is a whale made out of plastic. I did this because I was watching a documentary about plastic and it showed a whale eating plastic and I felt sorry for it, so I wanted to make it to represent the possible consequences if you discard rubbish, especially plastic that can’t break down.

It’s made out of: Milk bottles , water bottles , plastic bags , wire and see-through plastic .I put all the milk bottles together and made a mouth out of plastic bottles and wrapped the see-through plastic around it, then I wrapped it in plastic bags. I made a T-shape out of plastic bottles and wrapped it in plastic bags.

I hope this will change people’s thoughts about plastic products and encourage them to recycle or re-use plastic. People say by 2050 all species of sea bird will have eaten plastic and that’s a frightful thought. I call it ‘Remember’ because I want people to remember what happens when you discard plastic.


By Walter