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Keinton Mandeville

Sculpture 5 - Dying in the depths

Dying in the depths

During the month of November, the Box Jellyfish sculpture was created. It has been crafted out of plastic bags, bottle lids, wire, and a plastic tub. The plastic tub is holding the shape of the intricate head.

We chose this marine creature because plastic gets tangled up in their delicate tentacles and suffocation can also happen. Jellyfish are starting to become extinct because of this reason. Seeing a picture of a bottle in a jellyfish’s tentacles made us realise it’s not just animals like turtles that are affected by the struggle.

Jellyfish are very fragile so we won’t want to hurt them, and they digest micro plastic through plankton so the plastic would just sit there. We are not sure about long-term consequences. We felt connected to their struggle and chose to support them. We hope you agree with us.