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Keinton Mandeville

Sculpture 3 - Entangled



Entangled is a plastic sculpture made using plastic bags. We have named our sculpture Entangled to show jellyfish that are sometimes tangled in plastic. We have also used plastic bags for the tentacles to highlight when sea turtles sometimes mistake single-use bags for jellyfish.

The semi-circle was made out of wire mesh; the structure is made out of a salad container. We covered red plastic bags around the semi-circle. The bottles on the sticks are displaying the jellyfish swimming through plastic in our oceans and seas.

Fishing lines, can holders and garden mesh are very dangerous for any animals in the ocean; countless marine animals have suffered the painful process of being wounded and strangled by this harmful material.

Although jellyfish are not the most affected animals on our planet we thought we should think about some slightly less affected animals and not just the main ones, for example: whales, turtles and birds. We hope we have raised your awareness even more. Enjoy the rest of your trail.


By Clois & Aiysis