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Keinton Mandeville

Sculpture 15 - The Giant of the Deep

In the month of October – during our plastic awareness day- the whole school helped to create a large sculpture of a whale. It was chosen to represent the plight of many ocean creatures who are suffering, as a result of plastic pollution.

Each class had some time during the day to help construct this sculpture and Osprey class have been adding final touches over the last few weeks.

The main structure was created out of bamboo canes, to represent the skeleton inside. Then plastic bags, bottles, and lids were attached by tying each plastic part on with strips of plastic bags.

Bags have been weaved through the bamboo to form a tail and bottles and large lids have been used as eyes on either side of the head.

Please note that the letters attached to the sculptures have been cut from milk cartons and are not laminated!

There has been much enjoyment in the making, but it has highlighted a very important global issue and the children are very proud of how the project has turned out. Thank you for taking part in the sculpture trail.

By the children from Keinton Mandeville Primary School.