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Keinton Mandeville

Sculpture 13 - A pelican in Peril

A pelican In peril!


We made a plastic sculpture of a pelican. We decided to do this idea because in America Keira saw pelicans swooping down and scooping water out of the sea so we thought back to our topic and wondered what would happen if these birds got plastic stuck in their beaks.

We made it out of: bubblewrap, because it covered the wire mesh well; we used an orange  Sainsburys bag for the beak; the eyes are bottle caps wrapped in a bin liner. We decided to do the neck differently to represent the plastic stuck in its throat.

We made it 60cm high and 33cm across. We thought it was shocking to think about animals swallowing plastic and suffocating them. I found it sad in Montrerey bay aquarium when I saw pictures of animals tangled in plastic. 

We called our plastic sculpture ‘A pelican in peril’ because when the plastic is ingested it weighs them down and they eventually drown or get eaten by a predator. We hope we have raised your awareness of plastic pollution, and hope less plastic is wasted.

By Connor & Keira