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Keinton Mandeville

Sculpture 12 - Hidden Danger

Hidden danger


We have decided to do a sea turtle because one in three turtles will have eaten plastic and died from it.

We have made the turtle’s shell out of bottle lids (green, blue and purple)

and the body out of a plastic muffin box and stuffed it with plastic bags.

We cut the fins out of a big clear bottle and wrapped it in green plastic bags.

For the head we used a little plastic yogurt pot, then wrapped it in lots of

green, plastic bags, then we cut the bottom of a bottle and put it over

the head. We put a couple of layers of clear plastic over the bottle tops so they don’t fall off in the rain.

Hopefully, everyone who walks past can understand what actually happens

and how much effect plastic has on our marine life.


The reason we have used so many plastic bags is because sometimes turtles

mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and they choke and die. When we were

looking for an animal to pick, we were really struggling, but then we saw a

picture of a turtle choking on plastic netting and it really touched our hearts.

That is the reason why we chose this creature.