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Keinton Mandeville

Sculpture 1 - Surrounded!


My sculpture is based on the human point of view of the plastic crisis. Many families that live on small islands need to fish for food in lakes and the plastic that doesn’t recycle goes in the lake and surrounds the workers. This means that it is extremely hard to row through and to find food.                           

I was inspired by watching a program called “Drowning in plastic.” It really made me think about what happens when plastic gets into our ocean and by making this sculpture, I hope other people think about what is happening to humans and animals when the world is covered in plastic.

My sculpture is made out of: a canvas (for the base), plastic fruit pot (for the canoe), a drink stirrer (for the oar) and many small pieces of plastic for the sea.

I hope my sculpture is bringing an awareness about plastic pollution and that people will start reducing the amount of plastic that they use, and then the world would not be suffering this dreadful crisis.