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Keinton Mandeville



Owl Class 2021-2022

This week in English we are:

 Reception: This week the children will be continuing to explore the topic 'All about me, who am I?' They will be thinking about: what makes them amazing, and what makes them feel a range of emotions, including happiness, sadness and anger. Alongside this children will be working in small groups to discuss what the fire looked like and why the fire spread so quickly during the Great Fire of London. 

Year 1: This week the children will focus on writing about how and why the fire spread so quickly during The Great Fire of London. Children will continue to use their previous weeks learning including adjectives and time connectives, alongside focusing on including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. This piece of writing will be an independent write and will go up on the Look What I can do board. 

This week in phonics we are learning:

Reception: o, c, k, ck and tricky word he

Phonics mats and tricky word mats will go home with a note of all the sounds covered so far next week. Please continue practising the sounds with your child over half term. Children have learnt the Jolly phonic actions alongside sounds. The video can be found online- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvAYUvQUrGo 

Year 1: Children have finished revisiting Phase 3 digraphs. Children will continue to use the Phase 3 sound mat to help them segment words and spell them accurately. These words will then be put into a dictated sentence for children to have a go at writing.

This week in maths we are learning:

Reception: This week children will be comparing amounts, comparing size, mass and capacity. Children will take part in activities which will allow them to explore new vocabulary- more/ fewer/ most, tallest/ shortest, equal which can then be used in their play. 

Year 1: Year one will be learning about subtraction. Children will be exploring how many left, finding a part and breaking a part, and using this learning to create and complete subtraction number sentences.



The children have had another lovely week. As a class we have been focusing on putting our hands up and not shouting out, listening, looking after our book corner and being supportive of each other's learning; and I can't believe how many stickers have been given out! 


We have continued to sell our baked goods through our class 'Pudding Lane Bakery'; last week we made brownies, and this week we will be making some bread!

With Halloween soon approaching towards the end of the week we will begin to think about designs to carve into the pumpkin we have kindly being donated. 

As a class we plan to do a small performance, including all of our learning this half term based on The Great Fire of London. Due to current circumstances this will be done within class time next week and recorded and put up on the class page for you to view over half term.  

The children have settled in brilliantly and are enjoying their focused learning tasks and their free play.  Dressing up and construction are two favourite free choice activities, as well as playing outside of course! Each morning the children have a short session on the carpet for their phonics, where we look at a new sound, learning what the sound looks like and having a go at writing it and using it in simple words.  The year 1 children have been revising sounds learnt last year and will be moving on to more complex sounds soon.

The Year 1 children are learning all about the Great Fire of London; while the Reception children are also thinking about themselves, in their topic, 'All about me, who am I?'

The children have been junk modelling their own houses and really enjoyed painting them.

We have started the year with a number of cooking activities, including making flapjacks, baking scones and making lemon cakes.  The children 'sold' their cakes from the Pudding Lane Bakery.