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This week in English we are learning: To write a description about our own experiences. 
This week in maths we are learning: To interpret remainders. To use multiples, factors and prime numbers.

Thank you to all the parents and relatives who attended parents' evenings over the last two weeks. The children have really settled into Osprey class and are working hard. I think they are looking forward to half-term!


The children had a great day on Monday sculpting their Viking longboats from clay. The shields, sails and extra details will be added next week and the children will be able to take these home and display proudly!


The children are all enjoying their learning at the moment and are very enthusiastic about the 'Word of the Day'. As a result, lots of new vocabulary is being generated and talked about. This develops children's language and word knowledge which has a positive impact on reading and writing overall. Some of the words we have encountered already include:

ascertain, beguiling, belligerent, dubiously and exquisitely

Please encourage your children to keep reading at home and discussing the texts - book talk is an important part of reading comprehension as well as a chance for you and your child to be talking together.



After all the excitement of Okehampton, Osprey class are into a steady routine again and all the children have settled back into good learning habits. Year five worked very hard on their 'Moon Landings' projects whilst Year six were away and they presented these to the class last week. We are enjoying our new class text and will be undertaking some work with the themes that are involved. The children will be practising their formal methods in maths this week as well as continuing with 'Maths Ninja.' Hopefully Spelling Shed will be up and running properly this week and the children can use this resource as a more engaging way to practise their list of words.   





Welcome to the autumn term in Osprey class. There is lots planned for the next few weeks and the children are already working hard; learning is well and truly underway! Year five had a brilliant time at Mill on the Brue yesterday and Year six are off to Okehampton for their residential this week! There will be many stories to share I am sure. Year five will be continuing maths and English as well as a mini project in the afternoons. PE will be on Thursday as usual.

Please return daily to the website to see photos from our Okehampton trip. We will also be updating Twitter with pictures as well.   











Dear Parents and Carers of Year 6,

Please could we take this opportunity to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you for your very kind words, cards and gifts that you have sent over the last few days. The sentiment behind all the messages is so thoughtful and very much appreciated.

Yesterday was an emotional time for everyone: you as parents of such brilliant children, the class themselves and the Keinton staff too. Whether the children have been with us since reception, or for a few months, the step from primary into secondary education is always significant and the final year here is such a special time. 

We hope all the children will have very fond memories of the school and the people they have met, both adults and peers. We wish each of our children luck, happiness and our very best wishes as they move on. We'll miss them very much!

Please keep in touch and let us know how they are getting on and if we can ever help with anything, just pop in and ask.

Thank you again for everything.

With love from Miss G, Mrs Brock, Miss Bugler and all the Keinton staff. x

P.S. I have kept the photographs that were given to me for the Leavers' PPT in a safe place at school and will return them as soon as I am able.






This week we were visited by Keinton's legendary Dragon (as in Dragons' Den!), Mr Hashmi. He and Mr Shakesby listened to the business ideas of each enterprising group and gave feedback and advice about running their event at the Summer fair. Luckily, Mr Hashmi decided to invest in every group!

Please come along and support them on Friday at the fair. There will be lots to see and do.





Here are the children developing their business skills and using maths knowledge to plan their own music festivals. Who knew a stage could cost so much?




The last half of term is upon us and although SATs are over, there is still much learning to be done! It is historically a very busy few weeks and we have a lot to fit in. The children have already made a start to their Dragons' Den topic and there are some original stalls planned for this year's summer fair. Thank you in advance for your support with this!



A massive well-done to all of Osprey class for taking SATs week in their stride and giving it their all. We are very proud of every individual and now we can look forward to the rest of the summer term with many learning opportunities and events still to come!

Here are a few photos of what was happening between assessments this week and, of course, our party lunch earlier today! 







Osprey class have worked very hard all year and not just in the run up to SATs. They are all super individuals with many talents and qualities which national tests do not measure.

Be confident, be relaxed and be happy!





Welcome back to the final academic term. Please see the newsletter for details of what we will be learning over the next few weeks. We will be carrying out mock SATs assessments in preparation for SATs week in May, but other subjects will still be part of our weekly timetable which include science, RE and topic. The children are being brilliant and working very hard - I am really pleased with all of them. Well done Osprey!



Following on from the Parentmail sent earlier this week, I have had some requests for possible websites that the children could access for revision. Below are some which are good for extra information and practising. (various games and fun activities)






Thank you for coming along to the recent Parents' evenings. If there is anything you would like to discuss further in the lead up to SATs, please pop in or make an appointment to see me and I will be more than happy to help with any questions or queries you may have. Although the holidays are approaching and the revision books are not compulsory, I would like to ask that the children try to keep some key skills 'ticking over.' After two weeks away, it can be easy to forget things! There are only three weeks after the break until SATs week, so we will be assessing the children quite frequently during that time but we will  try to keep it fairly relaxed. Many thanks for continuing to support your children with their learning outside of school.




It has been very busy in Osprey class over the last two weeks. We have taken part in World Book Day, science week and Comic Relief! Here are some pictures from our recent topic and science sessions (as well as book characters!)










Thank you to those parents and children who attended the SATs meeting on Thursday. We have sent copies of the PowerPoint and hand-out to those who couldn't make it. Please note that I am available to speak with prior to, and after parents evening about any aspect of SATs (and will probably have more time!)Children have settled quickly back into the second half of the Spring term and are focussing well on their core subjects as well as topic work and PE sessions.

Osprey had their first meeting with Owls children on Friday and have talked about the story they would like to write and animate together. This is supporting computing objectives for the year six children whilst extending their responsibilities as older members of the school.  




What a super day we have had today! The sun was shining and the Abbey and Tor were bathed in sunlight throughout our visit. There were brilliant workshops courtesy of the 'Living History' team at the Abbey who really encouraged the children's imaginations and got completely into character. Osprey learned about the Abbey itself and where King Arthur's tomb is supposedly located. All the children dressed up as monks and understood a little of what it was like to live such a humble life. The thought of waking at 2:00am didn't impress anyone though! There was lots of discussion in the Abbot's kitchen about food and drink in medieval times and why the pie and pastry fireplace would not have been used as a pizza oven back in those days! The legend of King Arthur was retold by Mistress Alice and the children were also actors along the way. It really helped to bring the tale alive.

The children were very sensible and extremely well behaved all day and showed extra responsibility when walking through the High Street, near roads, or up the Tor itself. They were very mindful of others and showed great respect. Some careful sketching went on at the foot of the Tor and the children looked in detail at the view in front of them. Sketching in the sunlight was lovely and no one wanted to leave!

Everyone climbed (easily!) to the top of the hill and were wowed by the fantastic views awaiting them. They had the chance to explore the tower, look at their geographical position and just generally take in the wonderful Somerset landscape all around them. Miss G read a myth that Gaby had written for her homework, which also mentioned the Tor itself. Here are some pictures of today:





We are looking forward to our trip this week and can't wait to explore what is at the top of Glastonbury Tor. Some of us are writing myths that include the hill itself and the possible secrets that lie underneath!




We have been learning about local myths and legends, in and around Somerset and have worked in groups to re-enact these as drama performances during National storytelling week. Stories included: The Holy Thorn, Goblin Combe, The Devil digs Cheddar Gorge, The Sea Morgan's song, The Mole King and Alfred and the cakes!


 This week, we have started to revise decimals and have used place value grids and counters to identify numbers to three decimal places. Children worked in pairs to create numbers for their partner to work out.







The children are working very hard already in our class and have been learning about King Arthur and his connection to Glastonbury. We will be providing details of a trip to Glastonbury Abbey very soon, so please look out for a letter coming home with your child.





Good luck to the Lego team on Wednesday. They have been working for many weeks on their mission and the competition is nearly upon them!



Welcome back to a new year and a new term! Thank you to everyone for the cards and gifts that the staff received for Christmas - very much appreciated!

The newsletter will be detailing a breakdown of what we intend to cover in this term, so please be on the lookout for that via Parentmail.

Following our recent sculpture trail, we are delighted to announce that we raised over £80 which we have split between two charities: Surfers against sewage and Young People's trust for the environment (based in Yeovil). Thank you to everyone who completed the trail or who kindly donated - the children worked very hard on this project and are proud of what they achieved.  





The children are doing a fantastic job with this year's Christmas performance of Scrooge and are looking forward to sharing their talents with everyone on Tuesday.

Please note that after Christmas, CGP revision books (for SATs) can be borrowed and children can work through these if they would like but this is not compulsory at this stage. More details will follow in a separate letter in the Spring term.



Thank you to everyone who has bought a sculpture trail guide and attempted to see all 15 sculptures in the rather blustery weather!

The children have been working hard on their poetry and created some very effective blackout poems which have been shared in the annual Christmas fair booklet. Only £3! If you would like one, please bring the money in to the class or to the office.

Fractions are our key maths topic at the moment and it is a very large area to cover. We will be working with fractions until the Christmas break and then resume again in the Spring term.










We were fortunate to have a visitor on Tuesday who gave us a brilliant performance all about 'Virtual Reality' and demonstrated both sides of the cyber world. The children were engaged throughout and had lots of questions afterwards! We are hoping to welcome Paul back in February when year six and parents can also watch.



The date for our sculpture trail has been confirmed as Friday 30th November and the children will be working on trail maps over the next week or two. Please encourage others to take part and hopefully we can raise awareness and a little bit of money for the children's chosen environmental charity.

Notice in advance! If you have any unwanted, old books (that are more of a novel type of text), please could you send them in with your children ready for the week after next. This is related to our next English unit. Many thanks!




The sculptures are taking shape and we are aiming to get these located around the village as soon as possible.

The children have been working hard on problem solving this week and are enjoying the challenge of finding solutions (which are not always obvious!)

Auditions for the Christmas play will be the week after next and we encourage our year sixes to take part in this process as it is a chance for them to be given a role with more lines (although ALL of year six will be given at least one line.)





We are going to be very busy this next half-term with our topic. There are two days planned for creating our recycled sculptures which will hopefully  be put on display in the next few weeks.

Extracts from our previous English writing have now been added to TripAdvisor (obviously no names have been added) and if you'd like to see them, please search Adventure Okehampton and the user name is MissGandSteve2018.




Street surfing!





Well done to all our children for the plastic awareness day on Thursday. Our class went on a litter pick and found nearly a whole bin bag full of rubbish (most of which was plastic.) We will be continuing this topic theme after half-term where an exciting event will be taking this space!!

Please keep the plastic coming in ready for our next topic as well as the plastic awareness day on Thursday!

I would like to remind parents that the children can wear their hoodies on Thursdays and Fridays.

PE reminder: There are a few children coming to school without kit on Weds, Thurs and now Fridays. Although we are encouraging independence, a gentle reminder from home would be very helpful.

Girls should have their hair tied up/back and earrings should be removed or covered with micro tape - this will mean more PE time for everyone!

Thank you


The children have been recalling many memories from their time at Okehampton last week and have used some of these in their English writing. They have also been working hard in maths to understand negative numbers and use reasoning and problem solving skills. 

On Friday, the class were lucky enough to have a session of 'Street Surfing' from an external sports company - Premier sports. These will continue until just beyond half-term when the children will take part in the new Golden Time activities that are on offer. 

We have had a brilliant time in Okehampton and I hope you've been keeping up to date with all that we have been doing. Our experiences will be helping us with some of our work over the next few weeks and the whole week will be a talking point for a long time to come!


A huge welcome back to all the children after the holidays! It is lovely to see everyone and to have such grown-up looking year sixes in Osprey class. We are looking forward to a super year and we are starting off with what will hopefully be a fun-packed and memory making experience for everyone at Okehampton.

Please see the newsletter for information about the term and details regarding classroom routines.