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Keinton Mandeville

Osprey Class 2023 - 2024

Welcome back everyone to another academic year and a special welcome to our new year sixes and year fives who make up Osprey class of 2024!

Please find below, our overview of what is happening this half-term for each subject. Please be aware that PE is on a Thursday afternoon and swimming for Year 5 and selected Year 6 on a Wednesday morning.

Homework expectations 

Weekly Homework Expectations for KS2 Children (Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6)

Read 3 x weekly (more is always encouraged please) – Reading diaries to be signed to earn 10 minutes of Golden Time

TT Rockstars – The expectation is either to complete 3 x 3 minute sessions or 9 x 1 minute sessions over the course of the week.

Reading Diaries and TT Rockstars will be checked on: Thursdays

Spring 2 2024  - MTP - SPRING 2

Maths                                                                In the latter half of this term, all the children will be revising fractions, decimals and learning about percentages.  We will then move on to area and perimeter for everyone and Year 6 will then work on some algebra and Year 5 will look at statistics.  Weekly arithmetic skills will still be practised and there will be maths assessments as the very end of term. 

English -                                                         The focus on writing in the half-term will be persuasive writing and the children will work towards writing a persuasive speech based on a famous character.  They will be given other opportunities for  non-fiction writing such as interview questions, transcripts and  writing a simple advert.  Our Geography theme of 'Rivers' will link to the children's reading comprehension skills and we will continue to teach SPAG within the context of writing. 

Science -                                                           Year 6 will be undertaking the final two sessions of their 'Electricity' unit before moving onto Evolution and Inheritance.  Year 5 will be looking at 'Materials and their properties.' Science will incorporate both theory and scientific enquiry so the children are able to carry out investigations and experiments as well as learn the knowledge they require for the particular science topic. 

Geography -                                         The area we will be studying this half-term is 'Rivers.' We will be finding out about the features of rivers, the journey from source to mouth and comparing the River Thames with the River Brue and looking at the changes that have taken place over time.  We will be visiting Bruton and walking part of the Brue's course and we are hoping to visit the art gallery there, which will link to our art unit of 'Housaki's wave.' 

Computing                                                   This half-term is all about animation and we are going to be creating some stop-motion animations using the ipads. Children will learn the skills of decomposition and creating 'frames' for images. They will learn how to edit  and improve their animations. 

RE                                                           This term's focus for RE is Judaism and we will be recapping the synagoge and the general beliefs about this particular world religion. We then move on to  holy scriptures, more specifically the Torah. Then we will look at Shema (prayer) and the festival of Simchat Torah.

 Music                                                       This term we are focusing on the music of Benjamin Britten, an English conductor, composer and pianist. We will be studying 'A New Year Carol' and learning to sing and perform this piece.  Alongside this, we will be appraising some of his other work and that of similar artists. 

PSHE                                                         We are looking at citizenship in this half-term:  Breaking the law, prejudice and discrimination, protecting the planet, contributing to the community, rights and responsibilities and finally learning about parliament and national democracy.


Spring 1 2024Spring 1 MTP

Maths - During this half of term, we will be continuing with fractions and while Year five will consolidate fractions further, Year 6 will move on to ratio and algebra. There will be regular practise of arithmetic skills for all children on a weekly basis.

English - This term, our  focus will be 'writing to inform'  and we will be finding features of formal writing. From this, we will be writing instructions, a non chronological report and linking to our Ancient Egypt theme by writing short biographies about Howard Carter. Our new class text also links to our history topic - 'The Red Pyramid' by Rick Riordan.

History - In the first half of this term, we are looking at the early 'Ancient Egyptian' civilisation and the key themes within this. We will learn about the significance of the River Nile, Egyptian daily life for different groups of people in society and the hierarchy within it; types of evidence that contribute to our understanding (Rosetta Stone, pyramids, hieroglyphics) and Howard Carter and his discovery of Tutankamun. 

Science - Year 6 will continue with their topic of 'Light' and will look at refraction, reflection and colour spectrums. They will then move on to 'Electricity.' Year 5 will be learning all about Earth and space with Mr Jesshop. 

Computing - This half term will be focusing primarily on creating music and sound within the programme of Scratch. We will also undertake some e-safety learning. 

Spanish - As well as revising numbers, colours, days of the week, months and seasons, our main Spanish learning will be 'Los animales.' We will learn new vocabulary and build up our written skills, so we can write sentences and short paragraphs. 




 Autumn 2 - /docs/Autumn_Term_2_MTP_Osprey.docx

 Maths -                                                           In this half of term, we will be starting with long division and how to calculate this formally. Then we will move on to fractions; comparing and ordering, equivalent fractions,  adding and subtracting, mixed numbers, improper fractions and multi-step problems. 

English -                                                       For the next few weeks, we will be reading our new class text, 'The Somerset Tsunami' which links to our geography theme for this half-term. Our extended piece of writing will be a short adventure story that is based around the themes in the book. In SPAG, we will revise adverbials, colons and semi-colons, subordinating conjunctions and clauses as well as spellings on a weekly basis. 

Geography -                                 Natural Disasters is the theme for this half-term and we will be studying hazards and events in nature that contribute or cause disasters to happen: earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes and tsunamis are the main phenomena we will be looking at. We will also learn about different climates and regions which are particularly vulnerable. We will find out about the make-up of the Earth and how this links to some of the phenomena studied.                                                         

 Science -                                     Year 6 will finish their learning of classification and living things and will then move on to 'light'. Year 5 will move on to 'Forces' and will be taught by Mr Jesshop.     

Music -                                                         This term we will be looking at a rock unit and focusing on the classic rock song, 'Living on a Prayer.' We will learn to sing as well as recognise some notation and play instruments along with the main melody.           

RE -                                                              Christianity is our focus for this term and we are focusing on 'Incarnation.' The lessons will  include looking at the Christmas story and we hope to have a visitor in.  The children will continue to attend Open the Book assemblies.   

DT -                                                            We will be putting our culinary skills to the test and making a Christmas/roast dinner! This will be done in small groups and the children will have a chance to sample what they have cooked.                        

Autumn 1                /docs/Autumn_Term_1_23_-_24_MTP.docx

 Homework Autumn 1 /docs/Osprey_homework_Autumn_1_2023_-24.docx

Maths - We begin by revising place  value for both year groups and will be regularly practising arithmetic skills to build confidence in this area. We will move on to using formal methods within the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

English -  There will be many opportunities throughout this year for the children to read and we will continue to use high quality texts to encourage reading for pleasure as well as for teaching. We start with 'Wild way home,' which links to our 'Stone age to Iron age' theme. We will be writing character and setting descriptions, as well as thinking about what an historical text looks  like.  We continue to teach spelling through investigative approaches and shorter tasks that revise key phonic knowledge and spelling pattern retrieval. 

History - We will be looking at the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages this half-term and the development of life and cultures within and across these. The children will explore the evidence and archaeological research and find out about some sites of historical interest, most notably Stonehenge.

Science - This half-term the theme for both year groups will be 'Living things and their habitats.' Year five will be learning about life cycles and Year six will be looking at classification systems and different types of species.

Art -  We will be using charcoal to explore new techniques and designs. We will be working in our sketchbooks as well as on textured paper and represent cave drawings and fossils using this medium. 

Spanish - This term we will be revising our Spanish learning from last year and building our vocabulary and speaking skills.

PSHE - This term our PSHE sessions will be focussing on relationships and families. We will think about friendships, respecting each other as well as ourselves and looking at different types of relationships within families.  

Computing -  We will be looking at the importance of online safety, which is something that we always need to refer back to as digital technology changes so frequently. We will also be using 'Microbitz,' which are a popular piece of hardware that can be programmed to perform many tasks!