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Keinton Mandeville

Class Curriculum Newsletters

Please use the links below to see copies of the class newsletters for each class.  These include details of the curriculum to be taught this term, homework and Sport timetables etc.

Autumn Term 2021

Owl Class Autumn 2021

Kestrel Class Autumn 2021

Eagle Class Autumn 2021

Falcon Class Autumn 2021

Osprey Class Autumn 2021

Summer term 2021

Owls Class Summer term 2021

Kestrel Class Summer term 2021

Eagle Class Summer term 2021

Falcon Class Summer term 2021

Osprey Class Summer term 2021

Spring Term 2021

To ensure that our parents have only had to look in one place, our curriculum information for the Spring Term 2021 has all been stored on Google Classroom.

Autumn 2020:

Owls Class Autumn term 2020

Kestrel Class Autumn Term 2020

Eagle Class Autumn Term 2020

Falcon Class Autumn Term 2020

Osprey Class Autumn Term 2020