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Keinton Mandeville

Short term curriculum planning

At the core of our learning are our school Core Values, which are:

Independence, Determination, Self-Belief, Compassion, Creativity, Energy, Enthusiasm and Respect.

Below you will find our short term class planning documents, which will give information on the learning objectives to be covered this half term in both core and non-core subjects.  Some of these will be linked by a theme and some will be taught discreetly.

Autumn Term 1st Half 2021

Owl Class - The Great Fire of London & Who am I?

Kestrel Class - The Great Fire of London

Eagle Class Year 2 - The Great Fire of London

Eagle Class Year 3 & 4 - The Ancient Greeks

Falcon Class - The Ancient Greeks

Osprey Class - The Ancient Greeks

Short Term Text Units - Autumn 1st half term 2021

Owl Class

Kestrel Class

Eagle Class

Falcon Class

Osprey Class

Summer Term 2nd Half 2021

Owls Class - Mechanical Mayhem

Kestrel Class - Mechanical Mayhem

Eagle Class - Local History

Falcon Class - Local History

Osprey Class - Local History

Summer Term 1st half 2021

Owls Class - African Tales                   

Kestrel Class - African Tales               

Eagles Class  - Mappings skills            

Falcon Class- Mapping skills                

Osprey Class - Mapping skills