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Keinton Mandeville




Kestrels Class 2021 - 2022

This week we will be learning...                

English Focus: 

This week we are writing our own version of 'Toby and the Great Fire of London'. We will be using Talk for Writing as a way to remember the story and help the children with the sentence development. They will have lots of support resources available to help them with sounding out and spelling. 

Maths Focus: 

Year 1: We will be continuing our work on finding number bonds with a specific focus on remembering the number bonds to 10. We will be using practical resources such as numicon to find the different pairs to ten and then playing games to help us to memorise these number facts. Towards the end of the week we will be comparing number bonds using <,> or =.

Year 2: We will be starting the week with a continuation of our work on exploring comparing number sentences using the symbols <,> or =. After this we will be thinking about the number facts we know and then using these to find related facts to 100. 

Phonics and Spelling:

Year 1: This week we will be continuing Phase 5 and learning the phonemes, ea, oy and ir.

Learning to read the tricky words - oh, old, their, people, house and about. Learning to spell the tricky words - said, so, have and like.

Year 2: Continuing Phase 5 by learning the alternative pronunciations of 'o' and 'c'. 

Learning to read the words - water, where and day.  Learning to spell the tricky word - when, out, made and came.

 Our first few weeks in Kestrel Class...

We have had a busy first few weeks in Kestrel Class, getting back into the swing of being back at school and learning to work together as a new class. We started off the year with lots of 'getting to know you' activities which included an activity where the children had to find someone who matched the phrase on the sheet. The children really enjoyed talking to their peers to find out whether they had green eyes or owned a dog or lived in Keinton. It was a wonderful way for them to interact with each other and learn more about each other. Here are some pictures of them doing this activity;


This half term, as part of Design and Technology and linking with our History theme The Great Fire of London, we have been looking at fire engines. We have looked at both modern fire engines and those that would have been used in the 17th century - the children were intrigued by the fire engines that would have been used during the Great Fire as they did look rather strange! In one lesson we explored wheels and axles, with the children learning that there were two different ways that wheels and axles could be used. They then had a go at making a prototype chassis before choosing which of the two ways they wanted to attach the axles and wheels, this was a lot of fun - although there were a few wonky wheels! 

 Our next lesson was to design our own fire engines which we will be making in the next few weeks so look out for further pictures of our final products! 

Harvest Time

In preparation for our Harvest Festival celebration at the church, we looked at the painting by Vincent Van Gogh - Wheatfield with Crows. We talked about how he had painted it and the effect of using the small brushstrokes to create texture. We then took two days to paint our pictures starting off with drawing an outline before painting in the lighter background colours. The next day we then tried to add the texture to the foreground to get as close as possible to Van Gogh`s painting. I think that Kestrels have done a fantastic job!


The original Wheatfield with Crows

Below some of Kestrels Class versions;