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In English this week we are building up our creative writing skills to begin working on our own Chinese folklore tales.
In Maths this week we are moving on to addition. We will be adding and subtracting multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. We will be adding two digit numbers, three digit numbers and four digit numbers as we progress throughout the week.

Welcome to Falcons Class

Autumn Term 2019


Book Club at Break

Due to popular demand, we have started a book club in Falcons class. There will be two morning break times available per week where the children have the choice to stay in our reading corner to dive into a good book. Half the class will be allocated one day, and the other half will be able to access this on the other day. They can read their own book, one from the reading corner, one from the library or share one with friends.

A Visitor in the Classroom

While everybody was in assembly, somebody visited the classroom...

Using all of their detective skills, the class decided it must have been a dragon!

It's as if the dragon knew we were about to start learning about Chinese folklore...


Chinese Cooking

Mr Shakesby helped us with our cooking session because he has a fantastic knowledge of cooking Chinese dishes. He showed us some of the ingredients used, taught us the best way to chop our vegetables and gave us a lesson in holding chopsticks.


Everybody had a go at chopping some of the ingredients using 'the bridge' and 'the claw' technique.

After Mr Shakesby cooked up a storm in the woks using our prepared ingredients, we were able to dish it up and give it a try.

The verdict was an overall appreciation for this type of food - we loved it!

Poetry Day

This week we have been exploring Chinese poetry, just in time for Poetry day on the 3rd of October! We found using expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors were helpful in expressing imagery within our writing.

Children were given time to rehearse their poems and performed them for the rest of the class.

Superb work Falcons!

The Life Bus

On Monday, Falcons class boarded the life bus to discuss the topic of friendship.

The class were split into groups and had to decide between themselves what they thought were the most important sentences out of the set of statements they were given.

Every group decided 'to be able to try and try again' was the most important one - the power of yet holds strong in our class!

After discussing a situation where one might need to be assertive, the class were paired up and acted out a scene where one child was assertively saying no to the other.

We managed to squeeze all of this into an afternoon and got back just in time for the end of school.


Dragon soap sculptures

We began looking at the Shang Dynasty during our topic time, this led us to discover the art of jade carving.

Initially, the class sketched dragons using pictures of lizards and snakes to help inspire them.

Following this, the class had a go at sculpting their creations. As we couldn't get our hands on some jade, we used soap instead. The soap was much easier to carve into and it made our classroom smell lovely for a few days!

Roald Dahl day

During the week we explored a variety of Roald Dahl's stories and poems and tried to interpret them in our own way. Falcons made their own dream jars inspired by the ones seen in the BFG.

Welcome back

We have had a fantastic start to the term in Falcons class! The children have settled in to their new classroom and are showing an eagerness to learn and progress this year. I look forward to see where the term takes us....