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Early Birds Before School Provision

From 4th September 2019, Keinton Mandeville Primary School will be taking on the running of our Early Birds before school club.  Please see below for details, costs and forms.

The club will run from 7:50 – 8:30am, when children will be taken on to the bottom playground, as happens currently.  Should you wish your child to attend, please ensure the registration form is completed either in advance, or ready for their first session in September.  These forms are available from the school office, or the school website.

To ensure that our staffing numbers are adequate, we would also ask parents to complete a booking form, showing their intended sessions, a booking form will be available on the school website, or in the school office, we ask parents to complete a form for each month and submit it in advance, with payment.  We will accept children on an ad-hoc basis, but only if payment is made on the day and if our numbers allow it.

Initially, the Early Bird club will not be able to provide breakfast; however, from January, breakfast will be provided, should parents choose for their child to have it and pay the additional charge.  Breakfast will include options of toast, cereal or fruit, with fruit juice or squash.  Children who are having breakfast must be at the club by 8:00am to allow time to eat.

Charges will be as follows:

Normal session                7:50 – 8:30am                   £3.00

Short session                   8:10 – 8:30am                   £1.50

Normal session with breakfast                                 £4.00 (from January 2020)

Early Birds registration form

Sept 2019 booking form

Oct 2019 booking form